The Heritage Tree

By Robin K. Johnson


Family influence has roots that go deep into the soul…


The Heritage Tree is an accumulation of fictional stories that were developed through conversations and thoughtful design. The short stories and poems will make the reader reflect on their own personal experiences. As in the stories - Mean, Now, Simple Errands and Granite Etchings - the changes in life are shown to come in varying paces that grow character and self-esteem. There are tears and laughter through all the pages of this book. They will leave a lasting impression that will have the reader passing them on in their daily conversations.



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Personal growth happens every day, and people change as time goes on. "The Heritage Tree: Planted by Mom, Dad, and the Girls" is a collection of short fiction focusing on the family and the personal growth that constantly occurs. Characters that are living, changing people are author Robin Johnson's focus., and she executes her stories quite well. "The Heritage Tree" is something to be enjoyed by those who relish character-based fiction.

Susan Bethany
MidWest Book Review


"Intriguing and vivid mixture of story and poetry in which the characters are engaging, the conversations are realistic, the dialogue is wishes it were a play."


Kirkus Discoveries Review